Front end dependency management tools

I’m very happy to start seeing some work being done in the front-end dependency management area.

The name says it all a dependency management tool is responsible for managing your modules and resolving your dependencies. Completely analogous to what npm is for node.js or gem for ruby.

Pick one below and start using it. I’m going to do the same and will let you know how it goes.

Let computers do what they are good doing so that you can focus on what is important.

The ecosystem of tiny javascript decoupled modules can now flourish.

Update: 2012-10-23

They just keep on coming - Jam is another package manager for JavaScript. A full in depth tutorial can be found in the JavaScript Playground - Package Management with Jam.

Update: 2012-11-03

Component a package manager for building a better web.

Update: 2012-11-28

If you are looking for something even simpler, Jack Franklin has come up with Nodefetch that can easily download you the latest version of your favorite library.