Interesting Bits 8 - Angular Js

Update: 2014/02/22

Here are some of my favorite articles about everything AngularJs.

I promise I’ll try not to make this list as long as the previous one.


Update: 2014/02/21

Today I had a chance to look at this extensive list and decided to moved it into Delicious, because that is why we have bookmark managers.

Over the next couple of days I’ll be moving the rest, and will be creating the a list with the best resources.

Without further ado let me introduce you the AngularJs bundle.


This article as it stands right now, is crap, but I promise to comeback to it and figure out a way to make it more useful for everyone. a little bit better, please check the links above.

You may have noticed that Google’s AngularJs superheroic framework is getting very popular these days.

In my opinion the main reason for that is because it enables you to build anything you want very quickly. There’s absolutely no boilerplate code whatsoever, you write declarative code that behaves like it should, everything is very straightforward.

I’m just starting to learn more about this framework and how to use it, and since I’ve been reading a lot about it in a lot of different websites, I’ve decided to gather all of those links in this post.

So, without any further ado here’s the extensive list.



AngularJs community is very strong so besides learning by doing you can always count on them. Remember to always pay it forward.




Web Dev Tools

  • Batarang, Chrome developer tool for AngularJs
  • Webstorm plugin, auto completion and other nifty things for your favourite ide

I’ll be keeping this list up to date, if you have a good link to something AngularJs related and you want me to add it here, just give me a shout on Twitter.